Careers Advice

The Careers Team is committed to helping young people with a start that sends them in the right direction and provides the skills, confidence and competence-building that is so critical for progress beyond school. Course Option selection can be difficult when you are not fully informed, and in this world of constant change, it is not easy for parents and students to make decisions on course selection.

The Career Advisor(s) are available to offer advice, information and assistance on tertiary and/or training courses, apprenticeships, entry-level employment and which courses to select in order to support a student’s long-term goals. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the staff at Careers for further information.


Helpful Hints for Choosing Options Aligned with Career Choice

As students move into the Senior school, many have established career and/or tertiary study goals. Outlined below are some of the requirements for the more common degree areas our students enter after their time at school. All degree study requires University Entrance. This list is not exhaustive, so please contact the Careers Adviser if you have other specific queries.



Health Sciences

First year study is necessary for moving on into Medical, Optometry, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, and Pharmacy careers. Strongly recommended that Level 3 Chemistry, Physics, Statistics or Calculus and English rich subjects be taken. Biology and Physical Education are also recommended. 


Degree study requires UE and usually submission of a portfolio. Level 3 Calculus, Physics, English and one subject in creative areas such as Art, Design or DVC recommended. 16 Level 3 credits in Calculus or Physics required or will have to be included in first year programme of study.


English extremely useful and Arts subjects such as History, Geography, Economics useful. Statistics useful for advanced study in Political Science, Psychology, Sociology.


Calculus and/or Statistics recommended for all commerce subjects, particularly Finance and Computer Science. Business Studies and Economics useful for most Commerce subjects.

Creative Arts

Degree study requires UE and usually submission of a portfolio. It is very useful to take some combo of Level 3 Art (Design, Painting, Photography) and/or DVC.

Data Science

Level 3 Statistics, Calculus and Digital Information Technology strongly recommended.


(Civil or Mechanical) Calculus, Physics and Chemistry essential for any Engineering major - A minimum of 14 credits in each recommended but 18 credits strongly recommended. English is also very useful. Direct Entry to 1st year at Canterbury University is possible with Outstanding Level 3 results, i.e. - Excellence Credits in Calculus, Physics and Chemistry.

Information Science

Level 3 Statistics, English and Digital Information Technology helpful.


English rich subjects (i.e. English, History, Classics, Drama) useful plus work experience in the industry helpful.


Essay-based, literacy rich subjects such as Level 3 English, History, Economics and Geography are useful. Drama and debating also recommended. 


Level 3 Statistics and English.


Otago Polytechnic, SIT or ARA: a minimum 14 Level 3 credits (18 recommended) in an English rich subject, Biology and/ or Chemistry plus a current First Aid Certificate. Physical Education also recommended. For Massey Uni, Level 3 Biology (14+ credits) plus supporting credits include Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, English, History and Geography.

Performing Arts/ Music

Otago Uni, UC, NZ Drama School, NASDA and others. Courses require Level 3 Arts Courses in their chosen field (music/drama/visual arts) to gain entry.

Physical Education

Level 3 Biology, Statistics, PE recommended. Chemistry and Physics helpful.


Level 3 Biology, Statistics, English.

Social Work

Level 3 English, Te Reo, Classics, History, Geography and Economics useful. Statistics useful for advanced study.


Early Childhood and Primary – entrance is competitive therefore good academic and people skills are essential. Level 3 English and Mathematics, Sciences, Māori extremely useful.

Vet Science

Year 13 Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and Statistics all recommended. However, Statistics preferred if choice has to be made.

For more detailed entry requirements to Universities please see the links below

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Waikato University


There are specific requirements regarding subjects studied and achievement for the various types of apprenticeships, check with the Careers Team. It is important for all students considering this pathway to achieve the best possible results in English and Mathematics to Level 2.